seabeck policies

Policies define the goals of our organization and provides guidance for our guests. These policies address things such as general building rules, pets, parking, smoking, alcohol consumptions, etc. Formal, written policies and procedures improve overall organizational performance by keeping everyone “on the same page” when it comes to expectations and issues. While organizations can operate without written policies and procedures, operations tend to be much more efficient and effective with them in place.

Office Assistance

  • Guests needing service, equipment, or with questions should inquire at the office.

  • Please call the office at 360-830-5010. 


  • In case of an emergency when the office is not open, you may get assistance by calling 360-830-5010 or by contacting the
    Executive Director (Chuck at Cypress House).

  • Emergency medical assistance is reached by calling 911. Please notify the Seabeck staff of your emergency if you do call 911.


Day Participant Facility Fee

  • Unless a person has paid for overnight lodging, there is a $10 per person per day fee for guests coming in for the day only.

  • There is a charge for meals attended by day use guests, which need to be scheduled prior to the start of the retreat.

Linens and Towel Service

  • Upon arrival guest rooms are supplied with clean towels, washcloths, soap, fresh bed linens, at least two blankets, and one pillow.

  • In the interest in conservation, towels will not be automatically replaced each day. If guests would like towels replaced, we ask that they
    are left outside of the room door by 10:00 am and the housekeeping staff will try to replace them by 12:00 pm. Hanging towels on
    hooks in the room signals that it will be reused.


Dining Room and Meals

  • Meals times are 8:00 am breakfasts, 12:00 pm lunches, and 6:00 pm dinners. Friday dinner is usually at 6:30 pm unless all groups are
    already on the grounds.

  • All meals are served family style in the Dining Room. A bell rings 5 minutes before each meal. A second bell will signal that the dining room is open. Because of the family style service, we ask that everyone be on time for meals.

  • Changes in meal times must be arranged in advance and may not be possible if other groups are using the facilities.

  • Alternative diets can be requested with advance notice through the group leader. Seabeck offers vegetarian, vegan, non-celiac gluten free,
    dairy free or a combination of these.

  • The Dining Room is strictly for guest meal service and is not available for group programs or activities.

  • Dishes, silverware, glasses, etc. are not allowed to be taken from the dining room under any circumstances unless authorized by the management staff.


Changes to Seabeck Property

  • Furnishings, beds, and bedding are not to be moved or removed by guests.

  • A charge will be made for unauthorized moving of beds or bedding that has to be returned.

  • Meeting room furniture may not be moved outside of buildings.


Damages or Excessive Cleaning

  • Each guest and/or group is responsible for any damages incurred during your stay. Seabeck will require the guest or group to pay
    for a repair or replacement for the property that is damaged.

  • If excessive cleaning (beyond normal) is necessary, a $150 cleaning fee will be charged. Group leaders will be informed about the charge
    as soon as possible.


Hanging Items

  • Do not place labels, tape, tacks, etc. on walls, floors, or doors in any Seabeck facilities.

  • Items hung with blue painter’s tape will be permitted in certain areas and is available in the office.



  • Guests can park only in designated areas and not on lawns or paths.


Recreational Vehicles

  • There is no sleeping in recreational vehicles on the property. Please ask about where you can park if necessary to bring an RV.

  • Camping is not permitted.


Pets Policy

  • Guests are not allowed to bring their pets to Seabeck for reasons of sanitation and safety.

  • Of course, service animals are allowed.


Alcohol Policy

  • Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed in your rooms or in your meeting rooms.

  • Alcohol may never be consumed in public places, the Dining Room, at the beach, or visible out on the grounds.

Smoking on the Grounds

  • WA state law bans smoking inside buildings and 25 or more feet from any door or window. Marijuana is prohibited on the grounds.

  • For safety purposes, absolutely no smoking is allowed in grassy or wooded areas, including trails.


Fireplaces, Campfires or Open Flames

  • Candles, lanterns, fireworks or open flames other than designated campfire and fireplace areas are not allowed.

  • Firewood is provided in meeting rooms with fireplaces or wood stoves. Fires at the fire pit must be extinguished before leaving the fire circle. There is a hose available and a water key is needed, which is available at the office.

  • Firewood is not an unlimited resource. Please use it wisely.


Noise Ordinance

  • Please be mindful of quiet hours from 10:00 pm until 7:00 am.

  • Noise at Seabeck coming from guest activities can affect the peace and quiet of other groups on the grounds and the surrounding community. The use of amplified music should be limited to places and volumes that do not carry beyond the grounds.

  • The Kitsap County Noise Ordinance prohibits music or other noises that can be heard off the grounds after 10:00 pm. Seabeck reserves the right to ask groups to modify their activity or equipment to comply with this policy.


Bicycles, Scooters and Other Wheeled Sports

  • All bicyclists are encouraged to use helmets.

  • Skateboards, scooters, roller blades, and roller skates are not to be used on the grounds.


Adult Supervision of Children

  • Supervision of young children on the playground equipment or in any other activities is the responsibility of their parents or other adults with the group.


Waterfront Activities

  • Groups are required to read and sign the “Rules for Lagoon Use” before starting any waterfront activities.

  • Seabeck reserves the right to restrict use of boats, swimming area, and other facilities to groups who cannot provide the required supervision.


Arts & Crafts

  • Craft activities are to be conducted either outside or in the Colman Craft Center (if you have reserved it).

  • Meeting rooms and conference tables are not to be used for activities involving paint, glue, etc.

  • Glitter of any kind is not allowed.


Sales of Goods on Seabeck Property

  • In accordance with the RCW 84.36.030 any and all commercial sales of goods or services are forbidden on Seabeck property. This involves sales by any individual or company that are not incorporated nonprofits and/or where the proceeds of such sales do not go directly to serve the mission and purpose of the organization renting Seabeck facilities.


Lost & Found & Personal Property

  • Seabeck is not responsible for items left in rooms or meeting rooms.

  • If you have lost something while on the grounds you can check in the dining room on the lost & found table, or ask in the office if your missing item was turned in. You should also check with your group leader.

  • Items left behind are kept at Seabeck for up to one month, then everything is donated to a charity.



  • Medical and accident insurance is not provided by Seabeck for guests.

  • Insurance is the responsibility of the group or individual using the facilities.


Tipping the Staff

  • Tipping of individual staff members is not permitted.

  • Seabeck maintains a staff appreciation fund to which donations will gladly be accepted and distributed among all the employees.


Unruly Guests

  • Seabeck reserves the right to remove any persons from its property who, at the sole discretion of Seabeck, are unauthorized, who are creating an unnecessary disturbance, or who are jeopardizing the health, safety, and rights of other guests.

  • Seabeck reserves the right to prohibit or stop activities or events that, in Seabeck Conference Centers judgement, present a danger to its property and/or guests.


Final Day

  • Guests do not need to strip the beds.

  • Be sure that all personal belongings are out of rooms before departure. Seabeck is not responsible for items left behind. Cell phone chargers, still plugged in the outlets, are left behind regularly. Please check for them before leaving.

  • Please turn off all lights and close windows and doors when checking out of your room.

  • Seabeck reserves the right to ask to have sleeping rooms vacated by 10:00 am on the final day if our schedule requires rooms to be ready for groups arriving that day.


Group Leader Departure

  • Before leaving the grounds on the final day, the group leader will need to check out with the office, return room keys and finalize the bill.

  • All keys issued to a Conference or Camp Group and its participants must be returned during the Check-Out process by the group leader. Any keys not returned or unaccounted for from the Camp or Conference Group and/or its participants will be deemed lost. All lost or damaged keys will incur a non-refundable $10.00 per key replacement fee regardless of housing style. All lost or damaged key fees will be billed to the Conference or Camp Group. It is then the Conference or Camp Group’s responsibility to secure reimbursement for lost or damaged key fees from their own participants.


Guest Comments

  • Every time a guest has something to tell us, whether it’s a maintenance issue, comment about the food, idea on how we can improve, a complaint, or a compliment, we want to hear about it! Your opinion means so much to us.

  • During the last two meals of a group’s stay, Guest Satisfaction Surveys will be placed in baskets on the tables in the dining room to be filled out by our guests.

  • The staff appreciates and reads all the comments and ratings given on the Guest Satisfaction Surveys from guests and groups about Seabeck - including the bad, the good, and the great! It helps us to improve our services to you. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your input.