Frequently asked questions


How far in advance can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made up to one year in advance.

Can I reserve your lodging for a wedding or family reunion?

No. We only rent the facilties to 501c3 nonprofit organiztions.

Do you have RV and tent sites for rent?

No. Check with Scenic Beach State Park for camping availability. The park is only a few minutes from Seabeck Conference Center.

Can I put a retreat reservation on hold?

We can put a tentative retreat on hold for up to one week.

Can I join a retreat group for the day?

Yes. There is a $10.00 day use fee. You can also join in meals by scheduling it through the group leader and paying the group for the meals. Breakfast is $8.00, lunch is $10.00 and dinner is $12.00.

Is there a deposit due in order to make a reservation?

Yes. A deposit of 20% of the total anticipated bill is required to reserve space for a group.The deposit is credited to the final bill at the end of the event if the group meets its minimum number guarantees.

Is the deposit refundable if I cancel the retreat?

If the group should cancel their reservation, the deposit is seventy-five percent (75%) refundable up to sixty (60) days prior to the scheduled start of the event and six (6) months before for groups with exclusive use of the facilities. If a retreat is canceled within 60 days of start date, the deposit is not refundable.


Can groups cook their own meals?

No. All our rates include lodging and all meals. We do not have cooking facilites for guests. You are welcome to bring snacks.

What time are meals served?

Breakfast is at 8:00am, lunch is at 12:00pm and dinner is at 6:00pm.

Do you offer special diet requests?

We have limited options that include vegetarian, vegan, non-celiac gluten free, dairy-free or a combination of these. We do not accommodate medically necessary diets and have no dietician on staff. There is a refrigerator and microwave in the dining room for guests who bring food items to supplement what we already serve. Restaurant food is not allowed in the dining room.

Do you have non-dairy milk available at meals?


What if my whole group is vegetarian?

We can accommodate that.

I have to leave early on the last day. Do you offer boxed meals?

Yes but they have to be ordered in advance.


How many people can you accommodate?


Do you provide linens and towels?

All beds in our lodging are made with fresh linens upon your arrival. Towels are also in the rooms when you arrive and daily towel service is provided.

Do you have a single occupancy charge?

Yes. If one person stays in a room with more than one bed the single occupancy rate applies. In 2021 it is $35.00 per night additional. In 2022 it goes up to $50.00 per night.


Can I bring my pet?

No. Only service animals are allowed at Seabeck Conference Center. Please see for more detailed information.

Do you have wifi?

Yes. There is no cost, no password and is campus-wide.

Can I bring my bike to Seabeck?

Yes and we encourage all bicyclists to use helmets. Skateboards, scooters, roller blades, and roller skates are not to be used on the grounds.

Do you allow alcohol?

Yes. Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed in your rooms or in your meeting rooms. Alcohol may never be consumed in public places, the Dining Room, at the beach, or visible out on the grounds.

Do you allow smoking?

Yes but you must follow the WA state law, which bans smoking inside buildings and 25 or more feet from any door or window. Marijuana is prohibited on the grounds. For safety purposes, absolutely no smoking is allowed in grassy or wooded areas, including trails.

Do you have a quiet time at Seabeck?

Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm until 7:00 am. Noise at Seabeck coming from guest activities can affect the peace and quiet of other groups on the grounds and the surrounding community. The use of amplified music should be limited to places and volumes that do not carry beyond the grounds. The Kitsap County Noise Ordinance prohibits music or other noises that can be heard off the grounds after 10:00 pm. Seabeck reserves the right to ask groups to modify their activity or equipment to comply with this policy.