Would You Like to Volunteer at Seabeck?


Seabeck Conference Center depends on volunteers throughout the year and many people generously donate their time and energy to make Seabeck a wonderful place to visit. Most of our volunteers are people who stay here regularly. They take pride in Seabeck and it shows when they have completed a project. In the past three years, the staff has retired a long list of deferred maintenance projects, while upgrading the facilities, often with the help of volunteers from our guests and the community.


The Board agrees that we are in the right place, at the right time, to preserve our history while assuring the future for generations to follow. Our Master Plan for Seabeck is a shared vision of making significant steps forward in the next ten years. Come be a part of the future and volunteer at Seabeck.


Through the year, volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks, such as:

  • construction projects

  • grounds maintenance and landscaping

  • gardening

  • painting

  • food services

  • housekeeping/deep clean buildings

  • bulk mailings

  • general maintenance


For information about volunteering at Seabeck, please contact Executive Director, Chuck Kraining at
360-830-5010 or email to seabeck@seabeck.org.