Retreat Forms


The links below are valuable resources for group leaders. When booking a retreat at Seabeck Conference Center, there are some decisions that need to be made before your first day at Seabeck. Special diet requests and meeting room setup requests need to be made in advance. Rosters and housing charts may be sent ahead of time or brought to the conference center at the time of check-in.


Meeting Room Setup


Before you arrive at Seabeck, we will set up your meeting spaces according to your meeting room setup form. Any additional setup during your stay is the groups responsibility, however, just ask if you need help or additional equipment.


The following items are available to our groups:

  • Chairs

  • Tables
    Table Policy: Seabeck will provide, at no additional charge, three tables for every five people in the group. Additional tables may be provided for the entire length of stay, only if available, at $5.00 each.  Tables must be requested at least 30 days in advance.  Seabeck will assign tables to groups at that time.  All requests made up to 30 days prior to the start of the event will be treated equally.  Groups will be notified of the number of tables available to them prior to the start of the event.  Requests made less than 30 days prior to the start of the event will be filled after the groups that have made the required deadline.  Any table requests made less than seven days prior to the start of the event may be filled if possible.  However, a charge of $10.00 per table will be made over the guaranteed minimum.

  • Children's Tables and Chairs

  • Easels with Newsprint Pads and Markers

  • Portable Screens

  • Audio/Visual Equipment (Pines, Spruce, Colman Center and Juniper)
    Equipment must be checked out at the office.  The person checking out the equipment is required to sign the check-out form. That person is responsible for returning the equipment to the office before the group leaves Seabeck. The group will be charged for any equipment that is not returned. Replacement charges are listed on the check-out form.
    There are wall-mounted flat screen television monitors in Pines, Spruce, Juniper and Colman Center.There are also connections for laptops, DVD players and projectors. The following equipment is included at no cost:

    • TV Remote Control

    • DVD Player and Remote Control

    • VGA Cable

    • HDMI Cable

    • Sound Cord

    • Mac Adapter

  • Meeting House equipment includes a ceiling-mounted projector, large pull-down screen, Blu-ray player and a built-in sound system. The following equipment needs to be checked out at the office:

    • Projector Remote Control

    • Blueray Player Remote Control

    • Microphones

    • Microphone Cords

    • Handheld Microphone

    • Lavalier Microphone

    • Sound Cord

    • Mac Adapter




Special Diet Requests




Seabeck Conference Center desires to meet the needs of every guest that stays at our facilities. We understand that in today's world, special diet needs are a reality. We will do our best to meet those needs with alternative food options. Our goal is to provide a healthy and satisfying dining experience for everyone.


  • Seabeck accommodates Vegetarian, Vegan, Non-Celiac Gluten Free, Dairy Free or a combination of these.

  • Guests with a variety of food issues are encouraged to bring supplemental food that may be stored in the dining room refrigerator.

  • There are many options available on the salad bar at all lunches and dinners.

  • Special diet cards will be distributed and must be presented during meals to obtain the designated diet option for each meal.

  • Individuals not giving advanced notice to Seabeck may be accommodated at the next meal.

  • We do not have a dietician on staff so we cannot accommodate medically necessary diets, such as diabetic or celiac.

  • Staying within these guidelines will enable our staff to provide a more efficient dining experience for our guests!




Guest Roster




  • We require that all groups have a complete list of guests and their contact information upon arrival at Seabeck.

  • You may use a spreadsheet roster instead of using the roster form. This information is required in following the Washington State Innkeepers Law.




Housing Charts



  • Groups should utilize the housing charts provided to register their guests.

  • Each housing charts has the floor plan and list of rooms that include the number of beds in each room. There is also a column to specify adults, youth or children.

  • You should also include part time guests with night and meal counts.

  • The housing charts are to be turned into the office upon arrival at Seabeck.




Lagoon Use




The lagoon facilities are for the use of Seabeck guests only. All persons using these facilities are doing so at their own risk. Members of the guest group are not to use any lagoon facilities until a representative of the group, with the authority to do so, has signed the Rules for Lagoon Use.



  • The use of rowboats by children and youth must be supervised by an adult on the boat dock during boating activities. Small children  are never to be unsupervised on the dock.

  • Boats are to be returned to the dock and tied up, NOT beached.

  • Oars and personal flotation devices are to be returned to the rack when not in use.

  • NO standing in boats, colliding of boats, or capsizing of boats is permitted.

  • Boating is permitted during daylight hours only.

  • Misuse or dangerous use of the rowboats may result in loss of boating privileges for the group.

  • Washington State Law requires that all children 12 and under are to wear U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices while on boats under nineteen feet long. This includes Seabeck rowboats. All non-swimmers, children, and adults, should wear a personal floatation device as well. Personal floatation devices are available at the boat dock.

  • Rowing the boats into the swimming area (roped off area on the north end of the lagoon) is forbidden.


Swimming Area

  • The guest group accepts full responsibility for guarding the swimming area and they will provide trained or certified lifeguards during swim periods. Neither Seabeck Conference Center nor the management will be held responsible for the supervision or safety of individuals.

  • Swimming is to be done only in the north lagoon swimming area.

  • Do not swim alone, always go with a partner.

  • Swimming is permitted during daylight hours only.

  • The supervisor at the swimming area will not allow pushing, roughhousing, or other potentially dangerous activities on the swimming platform.