Reserving a Date

  • Please call our office for availability. Reservations cannot be made online.


Holding Space

  • We can tentatively reserve space without confirmation for up to 2 weeks.

  • Once it is confirmed an agreement is emailed to the group.

  • Seabeck is not obligated to hold space, either housing or meeting areas, for any group for which a signed agreement and deposit have not been received by Seabeck on or before the dates stated on the agreement.


Group Leader Contact

  • Arrangements and agreement procedures are to be handled by one representative of the group.

  • Multiple contacts can cause confusion with the setup of your retreat.


Retreat Deposit

  • A deposit of 20% of the total anticipated bill is required to reserve space for a group.

  • The deposit is credited to the final bill at the end of the event if the group meets its minimum number guarantees.

  • If the group should cancel their reservation, the deposit is seventy-five percent (75%) refundable up to sixty (60) days prior to the scheduled start of the event and six (6) months for groups with exclusive use of the facilities. If a retreat is canceled within 60 days of start date, the deposit is not refunded.


Exclusive Use of the Grounds

  • Exclusive use of Seabeck requires a guarantee of 200 people in daily residence.


Check-in/Check-out Times

  • Check-in and check-out times will be stated on the agreement and are determined by the beginning and ending meals.

  • There is an additional charge added for groups requesting early check-in or late check-out.


Meeting Space

  • Meeting areas are assigned to groups by Seabeck as required by group size, needs, and availability.

  • There is no additional charge for meeting spaces with an overnight retreat.

  • There is a meeting room charge for groups that come to Seabeck for a day use.


Registration and Room Assignments

  • Conference groups handle their own registrations and room assignments.


Housing Charts & Group Roster    

  • A completed set of housing charts (floor plans of assigned units sent with the agreement) is to be provided to Seabeck prior to or upon arrival.


Group Registrar

  • The registrar is to provide Seabeck with a roster listing the names, address, email, housing assignment, and room number of each participant (or family) upon arrival for use by Seabeck. This is a requirement of Seabeck, following the guidelines of the Washington State Innkeepers Law.

Final Payment

  • Final payment is to be made by one check to Seabeck Conference Center and is due at the close of the event.

  • A balance forward is charged 1% per month on unpaid balances.