Supporting Seabeck


Seabeck Conference Center welcomes and depends on contributions to support its historic mission and service to the people and communities of the Northwest. We are grateful to those who help sustain and improve our facilities, programs and operations. These guidelines explain how Seabeck handles gifts.


How to Donate to Seabeck

  • Donations can be made by clicking the Donate button on the top of all our webpages.

  • Deferred through bequests or beneficiary designations. Notify Seabeck of your plans so we can recognize your generosity.

  • Pledged over a period of time with monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual payments.

  • Made with credit cards or direct transfer from your bank.

  • Matched by your employer




Types of Gifts


  • Gifts of Cash
    All general gifts, unless specified by the donor, go to the General Fund. Exceptions include gifts to a specific captial campaign or project, or gifts designated to the Board Designated Reserve.

  • Memorial Gifts
    Gifts given in honor of a friend or family member are placed in the Board Designated Reserve unless specified by the donor.

  • Seabeck Board Designated Reserve Gifts
    The intent of this reserve is for the principal of gifts to remain intact. Proceeds from investments are used for capital projects and improvements to Seabeck facilities and/or furnishings.

  • Gifts of Stock or Securites
    Gifts of appreciated stock are sold at the time of donation or transfer, and the value is based on the price at the time of transfer or sale.

  • Planned Gifts
    Unless specified by the donor, bequests or life insurance and retirement plan designations are placed in the Board Designation Reserve.

  • Gifts-in-Kind
    Seabeck can only accept donated items that are usable to Seabeck or can easily and readily be sold. No cash value can be quoted for gifts of property, artwork or other tangible items. Seabeck cannot accept gifts that carry any quid pro quo conditions.

  • Restricted Gifts
    It is the policy of Seabeck to not accept gifts that contain donor-imposed restrictions without the approval of the Executive Director. Generally, these types of gifts are for a specific project and require that they are fully funded for that project.

  • Plantings
    Planting of trees or other plants at Seabeck, in honor of someone, is accepted under certain conditions. Seabeck retains the right for the final determination of the type and location of trees or plants.




Annual Giving Recognitions


The following recognition levels are for any and all types of gifts made during a given calendar year by an individual, family, or group.

  • Friends of Seabeck  $25-$99

  • Seabeck Partners  $100-$499

  • Seabeck Sustainers  $500-$999

  • Stewardship Circle  $1,000 & up


Lifetime Accumulated Giving Recognitions

Lifetime accumulation recognition levels include any and all contributions made by an individual, family, group, or foundation over the course of a lifetime. Donors' names are permanently displayed in the Inn Lobby.

  • Heritage Circle:  Lifetime gifts of $10,000

  • Colman Circle:  Lifetime gifts of $25,000




Seabeck Legacy Circle

Be Part of the Future of Seabeck


Members of the Seabeck Legacy Circle know the value of Seabeck Conference Center - its unique history, a model of service and promotion of social engagement and enrichment for all ages.


Seabeck Legacy Circle allows those who have included Seabeck in their wills or estate plans to receive recognition now. In addition to helping Seabeck, donors may also benefit from tax savings when they establish a planned gift. You may become a member simply by notifying us that you have named Seabeck as a beneficiary.


Planned giving costs nothing during your lifetime. Regardless of your age or means, you can help Seabeck provide a nuturing place for future families, individuals and nonprofit groups from around the Puget Sound and beyond. Simple and revocable gifts include:


  • Bequests in a will or living trust

  • Life insurance beneficiary designations

  • Retirement plan designations


Your gift is deeply appreciated and will be recognized (unless you wish it to remain anonymous) on the public roster of the Seabeck Legacy Circle at the Inn. You are also invited to special Legacy Circle events. Information about your planned gift is confidential, nonbinding and for internal purposes only.




Donor Bill of Rights

Seabeck Conference Center adheres to the Donor Bill of Rights, developed by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.


Philanthropy is based on voluntary action for the common good. It is a tradition of giving and sharing that is primary to the quality of life. To assure that philanthropy merits the respect and trust of the general public and that donors and prospective donors can have full confidence in the nonprofit organizations and causes they are asked to support, we declare that all donors have these rights:


  • To be informed of the organization's mission, of the way the organization intends to use donated resources, and of its capacity to use donations effectively for their intended purposes.

  • To be informed of the identity of those serving on the organization's governing board, and to expect the board to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.

  • To have access to the organization's most recent financial statements.

  • To be assured their gifts will be used for the purposes for which they were given.

  • To receive appropriate acknowledgment and recognition.

  • To be assured that information about their donation is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.

  • To expect that all relationships with individuals representing organizations of interest to the donor will be professional in nature.

  • To be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers, employees of the organization or hired solicitors.

  • To have the opportunity for their names to be deleted from mailing lists that an organization may intend to share.

  • To feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt, truthful and forthright answers.