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    Seabeck, WA 98380
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    Our Mission
    Seabeck Christian Conference Center is dedicated to the moral, social, and spiritual well-being of its guests and staff by providing a setting conducive to education, renewal, and character enhancement



Facility Policies & Procedures

Campus Rules

  • Groups using more than one housing unit are to fill bed space available in each unit before using another housing unit.

  • Rates are based on double or more occupancy of rooms. An additional charge of $20.00 per night for single occupancy of rooms designated double or more occupancy will be made.

  • Housing will be held in proportion to guarantees given and may be adjusted by Seabeck at the time of final declaration of numbers. Groups should not take reservations for people exceeding the number of assigned beds until first arranging for additional space.

  • Furnishings, beds, and bedding are not to be moved or removed by guests from housing units. A staff member will move any furnishings that may be required. A charge will be made for unauthorized moving of furniture and bedding that has to be returned.

  • A sleeping room used for purposes other than occupancy of a participant may be charged the prevailing rate minus meal costs.

  • Guests may be asked to vacate rooms the morning of departure in order to prepare for incoming groups.

  • Seabeck facilities will be maintained in a neat, orderly, and sanitary condition at all times. Groups are expected to leave the site in a clean and orderly condition at the end of occupancy.  The group assumes responsibility for damage done to Seabeck property beyond normal wear and tear on the part of its members.
  • Guests are asked not to bring food or snacks into sleeping areas.

  • Maintenance needs should be reported to the Seabeck office as soon as possible.

  • The Dining Room is strictly for guest meal service and is not available for group programs or activities.

  • Meeting area furniture may not be moved outside of buildings.

  • Craft activities are to be conducted either outside or in the Colman Center (lower part of the Colman Center). Meeting rooms and conference tables are not to be used for activities involving paint, glue, etc.

  • Do not place labels, tape, tacks, etc. on walls or doors in any Seabeck facilities.  Items hung with blue painter’s tape will be permitted in certain areas.  Blue tape is available in the office.

  • Smoking is not permitted in any Seabeck buildings, or according to state law RCW 70.160, within 25 feet from any door or window.

  • Sleeping in recreational vehicles and camping are not permitted on Seabeck grounds.

  • Vehicles are to be driven only on roads and parked only in designated parking areas.

  • Skateboards, scooters, roller blades, and roller skates are not to be used on the grounds.  All bicyclists are encouraged to use helmets on the grounds.

  • Supervision of young children on the playground equipment or in any other activities is the responsibility of their parents or other adults with the group.

  • Noise at Seabeck coming from guest activities often affects the peace and quiet of other groups on the grounds and the surrounding community. Groups need to be conscious of the effect of their activities on others. In order to help assure that all groups can enjoy their stay and that Seabeck does not serve as a negative influence on the community and to comply with the Kitsap County Noise Ordinance, the Board has instituted the following guidelines:

    • The Meeting House bell will not be rung by guest groups before 7:30 a.m. or after 8:30 p.m..
    • The use of amplified music on the grounds should be limited to places and volumes that limit its tendency to carry beyond the grounds.
    • The Kitsap County Noise Ordinance prohibits music or other noises that can be heard off the grounds after 10:00 p.m. 
    • SEABECK reserves the right to ask groups to modify their activity or equipment to comply with this policy.

Lagoon Use

  • Groups are required to read and sign the "Rules for Lagoon Use" before starting waterfront activities.  Seabeck reserves the right to restrict use of boats, swimming area, and other facilities to groups who cannot provide required supervision.

    Lagoon Use Rules



  • Guests are not to bring their pets to Seabeck for reasons of sanitation and safety.  Guests can board pets at the nearby Green Mountain Pet Lodge.

Green Mountain Pet Lodge
14637 Northwest Holly Road
Seabeck, WA 98380-9433

Operating since 1956 and located at 14637 NW Holly Road, it is a mere 5 miles from our facility.  Billed as a "Bed and Breakfast for your Pets," they offer pet boarding, grooming and training classes. We do not allow pets on the property, so this is a close place to board them. We do allow service dogs.

Directions: Cross the bridge leaving the conference center and turn left. Turn left on Holly Road. It's on the right hand side.