• Seabeck
    Conference Center

    13395 Lagoon Drive NW
    Seabeck, WA 98380
    (360) 830-5010
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    Our Mission
    Seabeck Christian Conference Center is dedicated to the moral, social, and spiritual well-being of its guests and staff by providing a setting conducive to education, renewal, and character enhancement



Family Style Dining

  • Regular meal times are: 8:00am breakfasts, 12:00 pm lunches, and 6:00 pm dinners.

  • On arrival day, dinner may be delayed up to 1/2 hour.  Changes in meals times must be arranged in advance and may not be possible if other groups are using the facility at the same time. 

    Dining Room
  • A bell will ring 5 minutes before each meal. This is a good time to remind all guests to wash their hands before the meal. A second bell will signal that the dining room is open.

  • Meals are served family style in the Dining Room.  Because of this, we strongly urge everyone to wash up and be on time for meals.

  • Each group is assigned an area of tables labeled with the group name.

  • Special group dietary needs such as all vegetarian meals and sack lunches are available with advance notice through the Conference Coordinator.

  • Individuals with special dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, diabetic, etc.) should relay this information to the group leader who in turn should contact Seabeck.  Vegetarian and special dietary meals should be specific as to what will and will not be acceptable.

  • Special diet cards will be personalized and given to the group leader to distribute to individuals requesting a special diet.  These cards are to be presented to servers in the dining room in order to receive a substitute meal (if applicable). Last-minute special diet requests may be subject to a one-meal waiting period.
  • One complimentary coffee/tea service will be provided to adult groups. Additional coffee and tea service is available in meeting areas at $0.50 per person per service.

  • Soda machines are located on the Inn porch.  The Inn Lobby will have coffee and hot water for tea available during all hours of the days while guests are on the grounds. 

  • For health, safety, and housekeeping reasons, guests and groups are strongly discouraged from bringing outside food to Seabeck. 

  • Snacks and hors d’oeuvres can be ordered from Seabeck with advance notice at an additional charge.

  • A general store is located across the street and stocks a wide assortment of sundries and personal goods.

  • Refrigerators are available in the Dining Room (8:00am-7:00pm) and to those assigned to the meeting areas of Pines, Spruce, Colman Center, and Reeser.