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March 2013


A Message from Chuck

Speaker for Hire-Will Work for Food

I have been thinking about hanging that sign outside my door.  I spent last night speaking to a local church about Seabeck.  I had a great time chatting about Seabeck while enjoying a delicious potluck dinner. After a nice slice of red velvet cake it was time for the presentation.  I talked about our history, what we do, who we serve, our recent accomplishments, and future plans.   It dawned on me as I drove home that I could do this presentation for many different groups.  If you have group that would like to hear about Seabeck let me know and we will set up a date.  It’s a great way to spread the word about this great place.

We continue to work around the campus on various projects as the weather warms slightly.  Main Street has some new street lamps. Cedars has a new front door.  The fire pit portion of the Fire Circle project is almost complete.  There is a new cement sidewalk outside of Salal and cement steps behind Reeser.  We will keep plugging away at all the little things that need done.

By the time you receive this email, I will already be in Peoria for Spring Training with the Mariners.  If I once again fail to make the team, I will just enjoy watching a few games from the stands.  I fly on to North Carolina to visit our former Executive Director, Dr. Charles Wallace, at his newest adventure, Lake Logan Episcopal Conference Center near Asheville.  It should be a great trip.

Let me be the first to wish you and yours a very happy Easter!



Kitsap Chordsmen Concert in Seabeck


The Kitsap Chordsmen will be performing in the Meeting House on Friday, March 29, 2013. They are the performing chorus of the local chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, formerly called the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America, Inc.  The Kitsap Chordsmen organized in 1978 with a goal of becoming one of the best men’s singing groups in the area. In keeping with that goal, the chorus has been a very strong contender at the division and district competition level.

The Chorus presents an annual show, appears at seasonal festivals, and performs for corporate functions, and are available to support other organizations charitable programs. In addition to supporting local charities, this nonprofit group also helps support other wonderful charities which are known in the barbershop community, such as Harmony Foundation, The Bud Leabo Memorial Fund, and Harmony Explosion Camp.

Seabeck is looking forward to this fun event.


Supporting Downtown Seabeck


Winter is a slow time for downtown Seabeck businesses, but our guests often support the other side of the bridge by getting an espresso, a slice of pizza, or maybe a Seabeck Landing hat at the general store. Here is what downtown Seabeck has to offer:


Seabeck Pizza
Great pizza, salads, and sandwiches are available just across the bridge. Seabeck Pizza has been serving pizza in Seabeck since 1989 and has since opened up other stores in the area.


Turie's Espresso
Visiting Seabeck doesn't mean giving up your Mocha Grande. They are happy to serve you your favorite coffee drink and snacks while sitting inside or out.


Arkless Contemporary Art Gallery
The Arkless Contemporary Art Gallery features the work of local and national artists. They also host artist events throughout the year, so while you're in Seabeck check out this new place.


Seabeck Landing General Store
Did you forget something at home? The general store has a lot of things you might need, or want. If we can't help you out, then try the store.


Barbie's Seabeck Bay Cafe
Barbie's Seabeck Cafe' is known for delicious dishes and homemade desserts that are enjoyed among postcard views.


* New Business Opening this Month *
Seabeck Landing Massage

Offering relaxing massages to improve your health and well being. By appointment only. Call Randee Burkle, LMP at 360-525-3521.

Seabeck Marina (Under Construction)
The marina is slow in being completed, but residents see some progress as they work on the dock. The parking area next to Turie's has been expanded and more pilings have been placed. There is no projected finish date at this time. How cool would it be to travel to Seabeck by boat!


What's New at Seabeck


There are projects being done on the grounds and you might notice some new things as well.

The Fire Circle is coming along nicely and will be ready soon.


More lighting on Main Street! The first lamp post has been installed in front of Madrona. Another one will be put in front of Hemlock and another toward the Inn.

We now have a juice machine and a hot chocolate/cider machine in the dining room.


The path from around the back of Colman Center to Salal has been finished and is now officially handicap accessible.

Also, the steps behind Reeser are now cement and the front door to Cedars has been replaced. Little things at Seabeck can make a big difference for our guests. The staff is working hard to make it better and better every year for every group. Enjoy the changes!


Share Your Seabeck Stories & Quotes

We are still looking for stories and quotes.. If you have a memorable Seabeck story, or a quote to share, please email it to us and we will post it in upcoming News & Views. We can make it anonymous if you would rather not have your name posted. Just let us know.


Captial Campaign

The Capital Campaign is in full swing for 2013.

Please take a moment and become a supporter of Seabeck. Already a supporter? Please think about increasing your commitment. Your donation ensures that Seabeck Conference Center remains physically, ecologically, and financially sustainable for all who cross our bridge.


Upcoming Events

Seabeck History

Information from the Seabeck history book, Tides Out, Tables Set, written by Fredi Perry. This book is available for sale in the office.

Two hotels occupied land which is now the Conference Center Inn. The first, The Unites States, operated until late 1869 when it was torn down and the present Inn was built and named The Eagle Hotel. The first mention of the hotel is in land records. From these: "Alexander Preston died February 21, 1863 and his widow, Margaret, sold the U.S. Hotel to William Warin for $401.00 on February 6, 1864."

On January 26, 1869, a couple of local drunks were whooping it up at Seabeck's U.S. Hotel, run by Warin. George Bryant ordered a drink and threw down a 50 cent peice. Sitting next to him was Hiram Bryant, no relation, who picked up the coin and put it in his pocket. Words passed between them and Hiram choked and struck George. George seized a tumbler and flung it at Hiram. As it broke, a shard struck Hiram's jugular vein and he bled to death on the spot.

George Bryant was charged with manslaughter and a grand jury, Arthur Denny, foreman, was called and found Bryant to guilty of assault, let alone murder. That was pioneer justice.

The seven witnesses called to testify received six night's free lodging in a Seattle hotel and payment of $26 each for attending court.

Hiram's wooden grave marker hangs in the Inn lobby.

Meet the Staff


Mathew Ganowski

One of our newest staff members is Mathew Ganowski.  He is 17 and a junior at nearby Klahowya Secondary School.  He works for Chuck in the office and his main duties include: gardening, raking, supervising parking during special events, and making sure to eat all the Werther’s Originals from the candy dish in the office.   Since Mathew started in October of last year he has done a great job of patrolling the candy supply in the office and helping to finish any desserts in the break room.

Mathew has two brothers, Nick and Josh.  All three boys were born in Russia.  His parents, Robert and Lisa, adopted Mathew and one of his brothers and then found out there was a third boy.  They went back and adopted him thus reuniting the brothers.

Wood shop is Mathew’s favorite class in school where he also helps in the kitchen at lunchtime.  His extracurricular activities include: ski school, driver’s training, and he is very active in the youth group at Silverdale Lutheran Church.  He also is very proud that he started his own business, Sun Up 2 Sun Down, offering landscaping services, dog sitting and home maintenance at affordable rates.  After graduation Mathew hopes to attend a college that will help him persue a career as a Park Ranger.

We enjoy having Mathew on our staff.  Be sure to say Hi to him when you see him working hard out on the grounds.


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